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We’re Back! Kind Of

Hi there. I know I haven’t written a blog lately because, believe it or not, although business isn’t as good as it was before the pandemic hit, we’ve still been busy. In fact, in the last two weeks, we’ve been extremely busy! Last week, we opened the store. We have installed a portable shower at…

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We’re Back! Kind Of

Hi there. I know I haven’t written a blog lately because, believe it or not, although business isn’t as good as it was before the pandemic hit, we’ve still been busy. In fact, in the last two weeks, we’ve been extremely busy! Last week, we opened the store. We have installed a portable shower at the store entrance. All guests must be scrubbed down and have their clothes freshly washed in laundry soap, then have their entire body wrapped in a giant plastic outfit that completely covers them from head to toe with a snorkel attachment so they can breathe.

Just Kidding! But we have implemented safety measures for our guests as well as ourselves. We are open to buyers only at the moment. We are still a little ways away from being open for general browsing by the public. This is to help keep our store as clean as possible. We have several employees who still come to work every day in the back of the building who are immune compromised and we simply can not risk having them get sick. When you enter the store, we will provide you with sanitary wipes for your hands and we’ll require you to wear a mask at all times while inside the store. If you don’t have a mask, we will be happy to sell you one for our cost of $2.00.

Normally at this time, we’d be looking forward to hitting the road for our summer convention tour. Unfortunately, there are no conventions to attend and Large public gatherings have beene placed on hold for the foreseeable future. Multi-million dollar convention institutions such as the San Diego ComicCon have been canceled for the first time ever in their 50 year history! Of course, you know that on the magic front, Magic Live! in Las Vegas has rescheduled for next year, along with many other magic conventions and conventions of all types for the year 2020. FISIM has canceled it’s convention until 2022! It is with great sadness that we must officially throw our hat into that ring as well. We will not be able to hold our 20th anniversary convention this year in November.

In other news, our website is finally up and it’s better than ever! Our IT department has literally been working on the site 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to make this the best website that it can be, and we humbly think that it’s one of the best websites in magic, or just about any other hobby out there today! Plus, we have some exciting new additions to the site coming that we can’t tell you about yet, but I promise that it’ll be very cool!

You know, I got a call the other day from someone telling me that their father was an avid magician and had recently passed away. They were hoping that his magic could live on and perhaps inspire the next generation of magicians. That’s when they asked us if we would be interested in looking at his collection and if we do estate sales. Of course, I said yes! We are always happy to buy used magic and pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it for years to come. If you have any used magic that you would like me to take a look at, just call me at (386) 252-6767 and I’d be happy to chat with you about it!

Father’s day is right around the corner. Have you gotten your Pop something cool to show him how much you love him? Probably the most popular gift for dad on Father’s Day has always been…(all together now!) … A TIE! Well, we don’t want to ruin a good tradition, but we did want to add a little flair to it! Right now, we are running a 25% off sale for Father’s Day. Not only can you get dad a very cool magician’s Necktie, but may we also suggest a Daytona Magic gift certificate so that Dad can buy something nice that he wouldn’t ordinarily get for himself!

Finally, I want to offer up an apology

I grew up in an era where every store had a Memorial Day sale. It was just something that was done. You saw it every single year in the newspapers, on the radio and television, and in the storefront windows everywhere you looked. Because of that, when I started my own business almost 55 years ago, I followed with the trend to stay competitive, and had my own Memorial Day sale. This year, I received the first ever letter of complaint about that. The customer pointed out that having a sale centered around Memorial Day was in extremely poor taste and was offensive to what the day is about. I thought a lot about his words and you know what? He was absolutely right! Memorial Day is more than just a 3 day weekend and an excuse to have a backyard cookout with family and friends. My business partner’s son was a United States Marine. I wrote to him many times while he served and some of those times were when he was in combat zones. I thought to myself how I would feel if something happened to him. What a devastating blow that would be to his family and myself. I’ll never have another Memorial Day sale again. From now, on, I’ll honor that day by flying our American Flag, and thinking with reverence of our honored fallen military soldiers. In fact, I’m thinking of having a fundraiser next year where the money can go to some worthy Veteran’s Organization. Again, I just wanted to apologize to any of you out there who shared that customer’s feelings about having a sale on Memorial day. It was wrong and I’m sorry.

That about wraps things up from us here. It’s a still a crazy world out there right now. Please stay safe. I hope that we can get everything back up and running soon so that we can all return to normal. Even though it will be a “New Normal”, I sincerely hope that it will become a BETTER normal for everyone!

Magically Yours,

Harry Allen

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