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Product Code: UP062B

The effect is in 12 words: You draw a girl. She draws you. The drawings magically change places.

With the addition of modern technology in the form of Teflon coated slates and the use of a humorous caricature instead of a simple geometric shape the whole routine is transformed into a real performance piece.

In effect the magician draws a simple caricature of his assistant and signs his name on the back and the spectator does likewise. Even though everything seems totally fair, the pictures still switch places – it is really amazing to witness.

This is not a piece of magic that you will recitative and do minutes later – it does take some practice to ensure everything is clean and smooth. There are no difficult moves and once you have perfected the routine you will have an effect that can close your act every time. It is beautiful.

Size of board: 33*25cm

Comes with 2 boards, 2 paper bags, 1 pen, 1 wiping tower and video instruction.

Dimensional weight (shippment): 2kg
Actual weight of the product: 1.5kg

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