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Product Code: UP849B

Catch the craze! Airzooka Air Guns are a major blast. One of the most fun toys to be enjoyed by kids from nine to ninety! Airzooka is a hand held fun gun that fires a ball of air up to 50 feet.

You will laugh your socks off as seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up a persons hair, or ruffle their shirt or papers. They won't know what hit them! Use the Airzooka to sneak attack your friends, boss, or even total strangers.

The Aizooka is based on the principals of the vortex generator. The Airzooka requires no batteries or electricity, since it works with an elasticated air launcher. Pull back and release the launcher like a catapult, firing the ball of air out of the air gun. Assemble your Airzooka in seconds and because it shoots air, you will never run out of ammo.

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