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We specialize in carrying the complete “Folkmanis” line of puppets. Need a “Rabbit in a Hat Puppet.” we have it. Maybe you need a cuddly gift like our “Dutch Rabbit.” We also carry a line of Big Mouth Puppets like our “Little Girl.” Altogether we carry over 200 different puppets.


    Fantasy play just got more entertaining with the Folkmanis® WINGED DRAGON puppet. Fierce and ...

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      More cuddly than fierce, this tawny brown and white Wolf Pup puppet is fresh from the den with ...

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        PUPPET – WOMBAT FOL3133

        The Folkmanis® Wombat puppet is a curiously cute critter from down under. Resembling a short, ...

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          PUPPET – WOOLY LAMB FOL3059

          Whimsical and light hearted, the Folkmanis® WOOLY LAMB puppet sits up waiting to play. ...

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            PUPPET – WORM IN APPLE FOL3123

            Take a bite out of the sweet life with the Folkmanis® Worm in Apple puppet. This soft toy is a ...

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              PUPPET – WYVERN DRAGON FOL2812

              Adding to the Folkmanis family of award-winning dragon puppets is this timeless symbol of ...

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                PUPPET – YELLOW BEAKED CROW FOL3068

                Reminiscent of vintage cartoon magpies, the whimsical Folkmanis® Yellow Beaked Crow puppet will ...

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                  PUPPET – YELLOW LABRADOR PUPPY FOL2833

                  This puppy has the power to win over any heart. Folkmanis YELLOW LAB PUPPY is poised in a ...

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                    PUPPET – YORKIE PUP FOL3039

                    Adorably shaggy, the chocolate and peanut butter colored YORKIE PUP looks real when you move ...

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                      PUPPET DOG – SMALL FOL3125

                      Perfectly sized for on-the-go fun, the Folkmanis® Small Dog puppet is a cuddle buddy ...

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                        PUPPET DOVE FOL3093

                        Flying in on wings of peace and love, the gentle Folkmanis® DOVE puppet conveys a universal ...

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                          PUPPET ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPY FOL3111

                          The Folkmanis® ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPY is ready for adoption! With a sweet expression and great ...

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