We specialize in carrying the complete “Folkmanis” line of puppets. Need a “Rabbit in a Hat Puppet.” we have it. Maybe you need a cuddly gift like our “Dutch Rabbit.” We also carry a line of Big Mouth Puppets like our “Little Girl.” Altogether we carry over 200 different puppets.


    This amazing puppet can walk, and acts as an individual on its own, without gimmicks or ...

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      PUPPET – SHARK FOL2064

      You can run but you can’t swim fast enough to evade this awesome predator of the deep. ...

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        He pants, he barks, he hunts for fleas, he wags his tail, he tilts his head quizzically, he ...

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          Cuddly and sweet, the Folkmanis® SITTING POLAR BEAR with movable mouth and legs, is the perfect ...

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            PUPPET – SKUNK FOL2250

            White stripes beautifully highlight the elegant sweep of long black fur on the hazardous ...

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              PUPPET – SKY DRAGON FOL2958

              Sculpted fabric enhances the ethereal look of the SKY DRAGON puppet. With rich detailing, this ...

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                PUPPET – SLOW LORIS FOL3072

                Mysterious and exotic, the Slow Loris is an undeniably adorable creature that is sadly becoming ...

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                  PUPPET – SMALL BISON FOL3108

                  Roam free and be wild with the Folkmanis® SMALL BISON puppet.  Movable mouth and forelegs give ...

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                    PUPPET – SMALL BLACK BEAR FOL3107

                    Perfectly sized for little ones, the Folkmanis® SMALL BLACK BEAR puppet is a fuzzy forest ...

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                      PUPPET – SMALL MOOSE FOL3109

                      A large North American creature scaled down for portable fun, bring the Folkmanis SMALL MOOSE ...

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                        PUPPET – SNAIL FOL2028

                        He may be slow, but at least he’s not slimy! This expressive Snail puppet, as well as ...

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                          PUPPET – SNIFFING RABBIT FOL3074

                          Hop to it and get your hands in the Sniffing Rabbit puppet. The newest cuddle bunny in the ...

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