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We have over 300 items that are specifically designed to entertain children. One of the busiest entertainer for Kids Magic in the Atlanta area is “Ken Scott.” We are proud to say that as a teenager Ken worked for us. We make a lot of magic tricks here at Daytona Magic including many in this department. Here is a very interesting article from the “News Journal” our local newspaper about our main seamstress. “ABC Blocks” not only has been our number one seller for years but has been copied by other dealers who have it made in China and India. Our’s is still the best and will hold up the longest. American Materials and American craftsmanship.


    This apparatus consists of a cabinet 10 inches by 5 inches square, just bouncing with ...

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      An assistant from the audience is asked to join you during your performance. You ask them to ...

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        BEHIND BARS UP245A

        A beautiful set of four pictures, one of a prisoner, the other three of empty jail cells, silk ...

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          BIG RED NOSE N 010

          This is a Great New Christmas Routine by Samuel Patrick Smith. Rudy starts as a blue-nosed ...

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            BIRTHDAY BANNER CC033D

            What’s the #1 reason a magician gets books? To perform at a birthday party! As the magician ...

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              The Birthday Deck by Liam Montier (BBM323) – The deck that predicts their Birthday! Comes ...

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                BIRTHDAY FLIP FLOP I 003

                Magician shows a folded panel, having 4 Red spots at the top and 4 Green spots at the bottom. ...

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                  BLENDO – HEADBAND U 043C

                  This has become a favorite with many kid-show professionals. Something different, something ...

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                    BOOK WORM FF009

                    WOW! Check out this fantastic upgrade of one of our most popular items! The NEW Book Worm is ...

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                      BUNNY BOX – DELUXE UP062M

                      Every now and then we see a trick that truly needs improvement. We have completely improved in ...

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                        BUNNY HATS JJ027B

                        A colorful plaque 12 1/2″ x 5″ is displayed with an illustrated picture of a ...

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                        • Best Seller
                        BUNNYNAUTS UP246A

                        You’ve heard of cosmonauts, and astronauts, but have you ever heard of BUNNY-NAUTS? ...

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