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If you have kids, delight them by getting them something from our joke department! Remember when you had a “Hand Buzzer”? We still sell the same kind we sold over fifty years ago! Some things in this department have made giant leaps. “Whoopee Cushions” (still available) are now “Electronic Fart Machines.” Have some fun by pulling a prank on someone!


    Leave this wallet around and wait for someone to find and open it.  They won’t find any ...

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      “Would you like to see a picture of my Pride and Joy?” A great comedy idea… ...

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        WAND – LOOP PUZZLE Z 030A

        The performer shows a small plastic magic wand with a loop of thread fixed at one end. He ...

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          WATCH WINDER – ROYAL Z 020D

          Secret noise making device! Suitable for the magician, but perfect for someone who just wants ...

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            WEEPY THE WEE WEE KK005

            See what happens when you slip down his shorts? Great bar item, fill with booze. This is a ...

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              WHISTLE – METAL X 046

              Every woman and senior citizen should carry a police whistle. It might save your life! Also ...

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                After the ongoing success of his Divers Lung Tester, Jordan O’Grady has managed to ...

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                  WHOOPEE CUSHION – MEGA 17″ Y 001A

                  Hide cushion under a chair so it cannot be seen. When someone sits on it, that loud famous fart ...

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                    WHOOPEE CUSHION – SELF INFLATING Y 001

                    Slip this cushion under anyone as they sit down. It produces a loud and embarrassing sound.

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                      WHOOPIE CUSHION 8″ F 089A

                      The Classic Whoopee Cushion – it’s fartastic!

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                        WHOOPS – ZOMBIE CC040H

                        This premium version of our classic Whoops fake vomit answers the question “What if a ...

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                          WHOOPS THROW-UP F 082A

                          True story! My dog once threw-up on the carpet and my wife thinking that I brought this item ...

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