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“Knock, knock. Who’s there…?” We have the best darn Comedy Magic section on the internet if I do say so myself. Take the “Black Hand Gag” for example. It is a very funny “add on” effect. Anyone hungry? How about a “Chicken Sandwich”? When performed right, the “Clatter Box” is one of the funniest effects you’ll ever see. The “Egg Bag Chicken” is hilarious as well. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

    VIPER – PRO UP572B

    by TERRY LUNSFORD It’s amazing! ThisREMOTE – CONTROLLED snake basket has an ...

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      WALLET – MINI G 159A

      This is the ultimate comedy magician’s prop. It is a miniature wallet. It is a standard ...

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        Catch your assistant by surprise (to everyone’s amusement) when you hand them your magic ...

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          WAND – BREAK AWAY FF034

          Made for laughs! This wand is perfectly normal when held by the performer. However, when handed ...

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            WAND – FEATHER DUSTER CC003C

            An ordinary 9″ wand instantly changes into a feather duster. Hand the wand to your ...

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              WAND – GIANT SNAKY SS004F

              Magic Wand is the signature for every magician. It represents magic. Giant Magic wand is the ...

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                WAND – POP OUT AA004D

                The Pop Out Wand is a comedy prop. The magician shows, and / or uses a Giant Wand some ...

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                  WAND – RIBBON RIBWAND

                  With this magic wand, you have great comedy built into your routine! The Ribbon Magic Wand is a ...

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                    WAND – SILLY PACK OF 2 SILLYWAND_2PK

                    BY SILLY BILLY An 8″ wand turns into a twisty, silly wand that is 28″ long. Comes ...

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                      WAND – SNEAKY SNAKE JJ028A

                      Attention, kid’s magicians, here is something that will add big laughs to your act! The ...

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                        WAND – SNEAKY SNAKEY SNEAKYSNA

                        Make your wand come alive! This great piece of magic allows you to turn your old boring magic ...

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                          WAND – SPRING F 045

                          This high quality Spring Wand is composed of three pieces: two plastic white tips and a custom ...

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