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“Heads I win tails you lose.” Ah, my Jr. High School days. Everyone should have at least one coin trick in their pocket. My favorite is “Scotch and Soda”. I’ve been carrying one with me for as long as I can remember. Did you know that Daytona Magic has a machine shop where we make over 200 different coin tricks?. It’s true! We also carry “Tango”coins and “Johnson Products” coins. Altogether we carry over 1,000 coin tricks. You can get lost in this section reading about all our coin tricks. Enjoy!

    XCHANGE – .50 US & .01 ENGLISH

    From the creative mind of Eric Jones and from Tango Magic, we introduce Xchange. With this ...

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      YOT WW037

      This is a new and revolutionary puzzle that has just been released. It is a cylindrical metal ...

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        ZAG – GALLO
        ZAG – GALLO MAK0069

        Looking for something unique in the world of coins gaffs? This new little gem from ...

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          ZEUS COIN SET – .50 US
          ZEUS COIN SET – .50 US JJ012E

          A new and versatile coin gimmick that allows you to perform incredible coin magic. Using this ...

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            ZINGER ZINGER

            A quick, simple and direct prediction using a handful of coins. Three coins are placed on the ...

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