Sam Sadler

Sam Sandler is a magician, inspirational speaker and America’s only full time deaf Christian illusionist works with corporations, schools, churches and many other organizations across America to create powerful, life-changing events. With over 8,000 live shows in 45 states, Sam has perfected the blend of magic and comedy with a powerful and dynamic inspirational message.

Sam has spent the last 20 years traveling across the country inspiring audiences big and small. He was recently named “Close-up Magician of the Year” by the Philadelphia region’s Society of American Magicians and has won multiple first place awards for his style of magic.

But things haven’t always gone so smoothly for Sam. In 2005, while a practicing magician, Sam began to experience the initial stages of a genetic disease called “Progressive Hearing Loss.” By 2009, what had first presented as difficulty clearly hearing voices and background noises had developed into complete bilateral deafness. Sam had transitioned into a world of utter silence. It was a difficult reality to accept, but instead of letting it destroy him, Sam redoubled his efforts and retooled his act to accommodate his auditory situation and created a new show called ‘DEAFinitely Magic,’ delivering a powerful message of dynamic inspiration. In 2014, Sam toured America racking up over 360 shows in 40+ states!

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