Paul Richards

For nearly three decades, Paul Richards has quietly produced some of the best-selling effects in magic. These include not only his own original creations, but also a vast catalog of outstanding magic he helped polish and produce for magic notables including Jay Sankey, Ben Harris, Peter Duffie, Cameron Francis, Mark Elsdon, Joshua Jay, and Jon Allen – just to name a few.

Paul’s popular and award-winning magic has appeared in numerous publications including MAGIC
Magazine, Genii, South America’s Mystica Magazine, the UK’s Magicseen, and the Linking Ring.
But Paul is not just a man behind the scenes, he has entertained and amazed audiences at corporate
events, trade shows, private gatherings, and comedy clubs, as well as doing promotional magic for radio and television.

His energetic and compelling style of magic has kept him in high demand – and never fails
to deliver a long-lasting impact on his audience. This unique combination of real-world experience and insider magical expertise is the very reason that Paul has been invited to lecture and perform across the United States and in over twenty countries.

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