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Comedy Clubs For Magicians – Part 3
December is here and this month, John Ferrentino give you the gift of WORK by continuing his ...
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Jeff McBride’s Magic School
This past month, I had the honor of teaching with Jeff McBride at the Magic Mystery School and ...
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Barry Taylor
Barry Taylor has been performing magic for over 40 years, traveling all over America, ...
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Comedy Clubs For Magicians – Part 2
John Ferrentino continues with his series Comedy Clubs For Magicians. This month, John offers ...
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Comedy Clubs For Magicians – Part 1
COMEDY CLUBS There comes a time in every magician’s career when he honestly feels that if he ...
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How To Promote Yourself In Today’s Marketplace
One of my great pleasures is sharing magical ideas with people like Harry Allen. A few years ...
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Comedy Clubs For Magicians – Introduction
We are thrilled here at Daytona Magic to present Present the first in a series of informative ...
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