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Bike Week 2020
The Bikers are here!  Friday March 6th kicks off the 79th annual Bike Week event here in ...
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Christmas Memories
This time of year has always been romanticized with falling snow, and cozy nights spent by a ...
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Our 2019 Convention
Even though I’m here in Orlando at the Genii convention, my head and my heart is really ...
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Harry & Wayne On CW18
With our convention only five days away, we are in full promotion mode. This morning, Harry and ...
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Convention Thoughts
CONVENTIONS – CONVENTIONS – CONVENTIONS I feel like I’ve been to a million magic ...
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Hurricane News Post Dorian
The River did not rise where it affected Daytona Magic. The wind didn’t blow out any windows, ...
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Hurricane Preparedness
​Here I am at the TAOM Convention in Austin Texas and Becky and the crew are preparing for one ...
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It’s August. Time For Halloween and Christmas!
It’s August, very hot here in Florida and most of the country. Everyone is thinking about ...
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Ha-Ha-Ha Boo-Hoo
Whatever happened to clowning and will it make a comeback? Back in the 80’s and early 90’s ...
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Jeff McBride – A Good Friend
It has to be about 20 years ago that I first ran into Jeff McBride. It was at a convention I ...
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The Birthday Party Magician
Every day another magician or clown comes into my store that does birthday shows.  It can ...
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My Point of View… The History of Daytona Magic
It all started in 1966, in of all places, New Jersey. Well, I guess it wasn’t always called ...
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