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No Sense
NO SENSE No Sense by Kyle Littleton is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the ...
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The Birthday Party Magician
Every day another magician or clown comes into my store that does birthday shows.  It can ...
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The Anatomy Of The 2019 I.B.M. Convention
This year’s I.B.M. Convention is in the books and once again, they did an outstanding job! ...
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New Card Decks Added
Below are some great new card decks that have just been added to our website. Check ’em ...
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My Point of View… The History of Daytona Magic
It all started in 1966, in of all places, New Jersey. Well, I guess it wasn’t always called ...
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My Favorite Trick
People always ask me, “What is your favorite trick or effect? That is a very hard question to ...
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Where to Start?
“Hi Harry, my name is Greg. I’m 15 years old and have just gotten started in magic. I ...
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