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Product Code: F 064A

In this effect a strip of red tissue paper is burned in front of an audience and as the flame falls to the floor, the ashes from the paper rise and turn into a restored piece of tissue or a red silk handkerchief. The following patter can be used. "According to an ancient religion the spirit will live forever in a new form. The body is placed on a funeral pyre on the banks of the sacred River and the devoted followers gather to put a torch to the pyre."

At this point you drape the red paper across your index finger of your left hand and allow ends to hang down. You pick up a pack of matches and ignite the lower ends of the red paper. You permit it to burn until about 2/3s of it is consumed in the flame. You drop it off your fingers and it will sink toward the floor but then it will begin to rise.

"As the body is consumed, the ashes rise toward the heavens and the spirit takes on a new form forever."

All eyes will follow the ashes as you are saying this. You wait for the ashes to descend so you can reach out for them with your right hand. Collecting the ashes you tuck them into your left hand and reproduce the red silk handkerchief.

We supply the red silk handkerchief, enough tissue to do the trick many, many times, a secret gimmick plus full instructions.

There are other applications for this effect. It can be used wherever you want to destroy something and reproduce it. Instead of the handkerchief a new strip of unburned tissue can be used.


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