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Product Code: ESPTESTKIT


Steve Cook has done it again with the ESP Test Kit. 

This brilliant effect is a mix of Mentalism, Remote Viewing, Psychometry and Precognition. 

Imagine having a spectator place the five ESP symbol cards into separate envelopes. They place one envelope in the supplied ESP Test Control wallet and one in their pocket. 

Now, going nowhere near the envelopes (if you should so choose), you start to reveal where each ESP Symbol is located, even predicting ahead of time which card would be put in their pocket. 

If that wasn't enough, as a kicker your spectator is given the ability to read your mind! 

The ESP Test Kit comes complete with custom props and full tutorial video featuring Peter Nardi's routine and handling. 

The ESP Test Kit uses a sneaky, yet simple method to devastating effect. There are no electronics to go wrong and no batteries to change. 

The ESP Test Kit is a professional routine that is easy for even the absolute beginner to perform! 

Each set comes complete with...

  • 5 plastic ESP symbol cards
  • Custom envelopes designed for this effect
  • Real leather wallet
  • Full online training

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