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Product Code: UP203A

Ask a spectator to freely select any card, then return it to the deck and shuffles the cards. The magician takes a guess at the selected card, but he's wrong! Not to worry, the magician then asks someone else in the room what the selected card is and they get it right! Amazing! Next, the magician asks the spectator to select another card and the person across the room instantly knows what that card is too! Finally, the magician selects a card from the deck and shows it to the spectator and the audience. The card is then placed face-down in the spectator's hand. This time when the person across the room is asked when card was chosen they get it wrong...or do they? When the card is turned over in the spectator's hand, it's revealed to have magically transformed into the card that was called out from across the room!

The secret to this amazing effect is pure genius, and will allow you to do not only accomplish this miracle, but a slew of other card effects as well. Comes complete with an instructional DVD and a bonus card trick that we think is the greatest card trick we've ever seen!

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