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Product Code: F 002A

Now made better than ever! Double locked, requires no skill, and can be repeated immediately. Small enough to carry in your pocket, or hooked on your belt. We sell only official type thumb cuffs, which are used by detectives all over the country. Now you can answer the challenges that your friends offer when they ask if you can do "HOUDINI ESCAPES".

To present this effect a spectator is called to assist you in one of Houdini's famous escapes. The thumb cuffs are introduced and tried on the spectator. Of course the spectator cannot escape from the cuffs. When the cuffs are placed on you by the spectator, and covered with a handkerchief, it only takes a moment for you to escape. Made of case hardened steel and is the 'ratchet' type cuffs. Comes with a beautiful carrying case and complete instructions.

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