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Product Code: UP100A

Tie your assistant in the escape bag, cover with a cloth and in a moment she is out. Tie two assistants in the escape bag, cover with a cloth and in a moment one assistant has escaped while the other one is still in the bag. Have spectators tie you in the bag and cover you with a cloth and you escape in a moment. All these and many other effects are possible with the ESCAPE BAG!

Imagine a full stage illusion that you can carry in your suitcase. That is exactly what the escape bag is. It is a large six-foot tall heavy black cloth bag that has no Velcro or zipper openings that have to be opened and closed. Only one bag is used and it is shown freely both inside and out. There is no cutting, using drawstrings or placing a pole or other device in the opening.

You can be tied in the bag with rope, ribbon, wire, staples or even sewn into the bag. You can even use a spectator in the bag and they will escape without being able to tell you how. IT'S AMAZING! This is a quality made in America product, which we know that you will be satisfied with.

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