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Product Code: ILS006

This is a fantastic stage illusion. A lady assistant sits in the box. The magician presses it and the box compresses into a smaller box .Then the magician inserts one tube in the middle of the box.  He penetrates four swords into the box. The assistant seemingly dissappears! Several seconds later, the magician takes the swords and the tube away. At last, the magician returns the box to the original condition and his assistant comes out and shee is as good as new.

It is easy to perform indoor, outdoor, street, etc. The view from the audience can be done durrounded, near or far, high or low view. There are no lighting requirements. Your assistant can be 5' 4". It is easy to setup. The performance time is 3-7 minutes. You can do this on a stage or even in a street.

You will receive a complete illusion with instructional video instructions.

This item has special shipping charges. 

Call and we will let you know how much to ship to your location.

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