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Product Code: X 046B

A simple but effective routine of the Monkey Bar variety, by Ian Adair, performed with a length of rope, (which you can carry in your pocket, yet use for a large audience), and which requires no skill other than a suitable presentation.

In effect the magician displays a length of rope in three different colors. RED, YELLOW and GREEN.

The red section is at the top, the green at the bottom and yellow at the middle. He places the rope behind his back and with a few magic words, the red magically travels to the bottom... or so it seems. This is repeated a few times until the children point out how it's done. But watch their faces when for a finale the red section is found to have traveled to the middle.

Totally mechanical and can be performed on stage or close up. The effect comes complete with instructions and the colored rope, four and a half feet long.

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