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Product Code: UP078M

Great routine for kids' school shows and clowns. Here is a great two-person routine. The mop is used in conjunction with our Water in the News Routine. The Magician comes out on stage and in a very serious manner (perhaps with some soft Music in the background) and performs the Classic Water in the Newspaper routine. This is where the magician pours the water in the newspaper and it vanishes. The newspaper is then turned over to prove that it has really vanished.

A clown comes out mocking the magician and takes a pitcher of water and proceeds to pour it in the newspaper, and it does not vanish and spills all over the floor. He tries to act serious and takes his bow just as the magician did. This gets a great laugh and is a lot of fun. Magician proceeds to try to help him out, the clown finds a mop bucket with no mop! He looks around and can't find one.

Magician now reaches in the mop bucket and pulls out a full-size mop and helps him mop up the water that spilled on the floor!

The audience loves it!

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