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Product Code: UP160M


Rarely have we seen an illusion that mystifies when performed completely surrounded... on a brilliantly lit stage... well clear of drapes, and other suspicious devices. Well rarely is NOW.

The audience sees two chairs placed face to face with a board atop the chair backs. A person reclines on the board and is briefly covered with a cloth. The chair supporting their feet is removed leaving them and the accompanying board suspended in the air. The board is removed, and they still remain SUSPENDED IN THE AIR! Everything is returned to it's original place and the person is dismissed, NONE THE WISER.

Note these features…

  • Performer may walk ENTIRELY AWAY while person is suspended.
  • A one-person illusion requiring no assistants.
  • Up and running with a minimum of rehearsal.
  • Use ANYONE up to 100 pounds.
  • Everything, including chairs weighs just 33 pounds.
  • The chairs are standard commercial quality folding chairs.
  • The board measures 45 inches long and 13 wide.
  • The Velour cloth is 43 by 53 inches.
  • The support on which the "floater" rests has been made extra large to give them a feeling of stability. It measures 10 1/2 by 36 inches.

This lightweight mystery packs flat and can be sent or transported anywhere in the world.

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