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Daytona Magic has been in business since 1966. We started in the New Jersey area where we were a magic shop carrying Magic Tricks, Clown Supplies, Halloween Costumes, Make-Up and Accessories, Novelties and Jokes. In 1976 we moved to beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida where the winters are warm and the summers are not too hot, because of the ocean breezes.

After a few years of carrying the same merchandise we carried up north, our magic business began to grow so large that we no longer had time to carry the Halloween Supplies and novelties. This was partly because we began manufacturing sophisticated magic tricks made from wood, brass and other raw materials.

We have two carpentry shops, a machine shop and a sewing shop where we manufacture hundreds of items. We sell both retail and wholesale magic to other shops who buy wholesale quantities of the many effects we manufacture.

We still have a joke section that is mostly for the tourists who constantly visit our retail store where we house thousands of magic products. We have full time demonstrators who will show you the magic effects and teach them to you if necessary.

Back in 2001 we started our own convention called the Daytona Beach Festival of Magic. It had a rough opening being only a week after the 9-11 attacks on our country. We attract between 400 and 500 magicians and always have a stellar line up of big name stars.

When the internet became a popular way of doing business and the many “home dealers” started up, we threw our hat in the ring and created a popular website and online magic shop and competed with our Hotsheet, many sales and most important of all, good service to the best of our ability.

Most real brick and mortar magic shops no longer exist. Many so called "magic shops" depend on Halloween sales and won’t pay attention to a magician the month of October. Others sell collectibles, gifts and novelties. WE SELL MAGIC! We also sell Clown Supplies and Jokes. I’m a prankster at heart and can’t give up the jokes.

Harry Allen is one of the funniest, most sought after MC's, Lecturer and Magic Dealer who works Magic and Clown conventions all around the world. If you have seen him, you know he is funny. The late Henny Youngman was one of his close friends who exchanged jokes with him every week for many years. Harry still tells the same jokes! When he is not on the road he is in the store. You can email him directly at and he will write you back. He answers his email even when he is on the road. Harry is a family man who enjoys traveling with his wife of over 25 years and his adult daughter. Becky Cook is Harry's partner since 2015 when she took over from her father. Here at Daytona Magic we consider you, our customer the most important person in our organization. We will strive to do everything possible to make you a repeat satisfied customer.

OUR LOYALTY IS TO OUR CUSTOMERS. You are the people who are the most important to us. We will always try our best to satisfy you. The workmanship of all our apparatus is always guaranteed. We will gladly replace a defective item. Our return policy prohibits you from sending anything without an authorization. Call first for return authorization.

We try to describe our items in a fair and true way. If you are a beginner to this wonderful hobby, ask us about an effect before you buy it. We will give you honest answers to how easy or difficult the effect will be for the average person to learn.

We do not recommend fire or chemical magic to anyone who is not a professional. We never knowingly sell fire or chemical magic to children. Parents need to supervise their children in whatever they purchase. Once an effect leaves our building we have no control how it is used. Therefore we accept no liability on a product's use or misuse.

Prices sometimes change. We will make every effort to adhere to the prices in our catalog and on the web. However the prices are subject to change without notice.

If we are out of an item and expect it in shortly we will charge you for the item and send it to you freight prepaid when it arrives at our shop. If we feel that the item will not be in for a while, we will back order the item without charging it to you. When it comes in we will contact you for your credit card information. Upon receiving your information, we will send out your item at a reduced freight charge, and charge you for the item at that time.

If you prepay an item and we do not have it in stock or expect it in the near future. We will issue a credit that is good on anything else. If you want a refund for an item under this circumstance just send back the credit and a short note.

We send 98% of our orders out the same day. We have most of the items in this online store in stock at all times, or we can have them dropped shipped. Be aware that we are sometimes at the mercy of other manufactures when we back order an item, and it may take a little longer than expected to get an item. In this instance, we will always notify you if there will be any significant delay in sending you a particular item.

We accept most credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. To ensure your safety against identity theft and fraud, we are compliant with the latest credit card security guidelines for online merchants. You can shop with confidence.

We extend credit only to Wholesale Accounts that have established themselves with us. To get our wholesale catalog you must send us your tax number on a business letterhead. You must buy quantities of an item to receive wholesale prices. Our wholesale catalog cost is $10.00.

If you would like a Retail Catalog of the hundreds of items we manufacture here in the USA, please send us $10.00 to cover the shipping and handling cost of that catalog. The retail catalog includes a $15.00 coupon to pay you back for your catalog, and to help get you started in our store.

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